East Coast Privateers

Pirates of the
Eastern Seaboard

       ◊×◊×◊  Captain BlackWolfe  ◊×◊×◊

                  ◊×◊×◊  Molotov Mary - 1st Mate  ◊×◊×◊

       ~◊♥◊~Gemma Rossi~Seaman & Deckhand~◊♥◊~  



More to come about Missy Gemma's haunted past very soon! 


               ›×‹  Mad Dog Dave ~ Cook~Drummer  ›×‹ 


Mad Dog Dave, a most excellent cook! He kept us well fed during the 5 weekends of the Fort Lauderdale Renaissance Festival as well on the High Seas...His Guinness Stew is the best!


       ×××♥×××~Stitch Witch ~ Sail~Garb~Website~×××♥×××


Stitch Witch be my name, clever with the needle I am! I be a stitcher of very strong sails...I guarantee that they will withstand many  a blustery gale.

I joined me man...Mad Dog Dave for high seas adventure, once he swept me off me feet  at a seaside pub many moons ago.... 





                                  ›×‹ Marcato ›×‹

                            ~◊♥◊~ Debe Fisher ~◊♥◊~

                           ›×‹ Pirate Dan ›×‹

                             ~~~~ Argyle Kneeves ~~~~

                             ~~♥~~Rayvn Moon~~♥~~

                     ~»♦«~Master Zip ~»♦«~




Our Master Zip is a wild renegade  from the quaint English Countryside..he's hidin' out here in the Colonies, with us....a far distance from the British soldiers that are out hunting for him in England!

Zip made a right quick escape, when he'd joined up with us whilst our ship was in the Port of London

Sir Zip is well-known, as a notorious rogue, cad, bounder & scoundrel, infamous for many a mis-deed & he has a bounty on his head.... He has a keen taste for the rum & is a true Scallywag towards the buxom harlots... he's kept in check by the eagle eye of his lusty wench Irene..

                              ~»♦«~ Irene ~»♦«~


Me name be Irene, Irene the Pyrate Queen!

I followed me lovely scallywag & renegade Master Zip, aboard a pirate ship that we had found docked in the Port of London. Captain Blackwolfe understood our urgent desire to leave and took us aboard. 

The ship sailed us far away to the distant Colonies, to which then I breathed a sign of relief once we landed on the sandy shores of a new settlement called Florida...we were on the run from British soldiers for a mis-deed that Master Zip had committed in a local English pub.




Music: The Gallows Jig by Nox Arcana