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Captain BlackWolfe on the cover of #12 Pirates Magazine

Quotes October 2010: "This year was the best Pirate Fest yet" Is a quote I heard over and over. As a business manager in the Baywalk entertainment district of Fort Myers Beach, FL., I am involved in the planning and production of many of our festivals and special events. The East Coast Privateers have by far been the most organized, and entertaining, performers we have had here. The quality of genuine attire, music, and impressive firepower, thrilled the old and young alike. More impressive was the care, and preparation of the entire production. From planning the event, to the clean-up of the event site, this group of entertainers will always be welcome on Fort Myers Beach. We, as business owners and managers, were pleased with the results and are looking forward to the return of The East Coast Privateers next year. Thanks to all the pirates and wenches for such a great experience for our guests, and our community!. See you next year! Quotes
Steve DeAngelis, Manager of The Yucatan Beach Stand.
Board of Directors Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce

Quotes Captain Blackwolfe made the cover & inside pics of Pirates Magazine! Quotes
BlackWolfe ~ Pirates Magazine Cover #12-June 2010