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                              The Knights of Arnoth                              

Acclaimed fantasy writer, J.D. Ravynsmoon is the author of The Chronicles of the Fel Wars Trilogy; spanning three full-length novels respectively; The Knights of Arnoth, The Demon Blade, and The Three Sisters. The Knights of Arnoth is: NOW AVAILABLE on Amazon KINDLE. Click Here.

J.D. Ravynsmoon is also an East Coast Privateer, as well as accomplished artist, he works in a large variety of media, including historical & fantasy costuming.
  As a multi-talented entertainer,  he has appeared at many pirate and renaissance fairs as a musician, sword fighter, and various fantasy characters, reenacting several time periods from the romantic ages.

               J. D Ravynsmoon as Argyle Kneeves


  • "October 2010: "This year was the best Pirate Fest yet" Is a quote I heard over and over. As a business manager in the Baywalk entertainment district of Fort Myers Beach, FL., ..."
    Steve DeAngelis, Manager of The Yucatan Beach Stand.
    Board of Directors Fort Myers Beach Chamber of Commerce

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